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The Lotus Children's Foundation

A journey to where Kingsley’s philanthropic Work began

Sri Lanka literally means Resplendent Land and it is indisputably a tropical island bursting with natural resources, cultural riches and breath-taking scenery.

However, a three-decade civil war and the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, the deadliest tsunami in history, left a raft of complex economic and social problems in their wake....

Kingsley founders Daya and Sumi Thayan had already begun philanthropic work in their former Sri Lanka homeland ahead of the tsunami, but it was this natural disaster which left 30,000 islanders dead, almost a million displaced and 150,000 without any source of income, that led them to launch the Lotus Children’s Foundation.

As Kingsley has developed over two decades into a UK Top 20 large care home group (carehome.co.uk), so the foundation has blossomed like Sri Lanka’s national flower which gave it its name, spreading its work supporting families and communities beyond the island’s shores to countries as far afield as the UK, Spain and Colombia.

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familiesTo rise out of poverty
and forge a bright future

Dry food distribution lotus foundation
dry food distribution lotus foundation
We know strong families are the bedrock of strong communities.

The foundation assists families facing economic hardships, with grants to enable children to complete their education.

Food parcels are provided for those in need.

Seed funding is available to launch small enterprises.

Support is provided for older people.

children prosperBy removing barriers to
education and job training

Water Purification lotus foundation
yoga classes lotus foundation
Computer classes lotus foundation
Computer cource certificates lotus foundation
Metoring programme lotus foundation
Scholarships to university students lotus foundation

We fund study materials and tuition fees for students at all levels enabling them to progress through O levels and A levels to further education.

We also put on extra tuition classes and courses to enable young people to fully realise their potential.

Daya and Sumi Thayan have launched a mentoring programme to make post A level students aware of further education possibilities.

The foundation supports children’s homes and undertakes building projects to improve school facilities.

Being a champion
for girls By supporting them to aim high and
work hard to reach their goals

Ladani Childrens home lotus foundation
Mulatheve childrens home lotus foundation
Mentoring programme at girls college lotus foundation
We know that communities thrive when girls and women are supported to succeed.

Our education grant scheme has allowed many more girls to prosper academically.

Fighting for
good healthBy combating diseases and
promoting healthy lifestyles

eye clinic lotus foundation
Medical camp foundation

We run regular health awareness seminars and drop-in clinics, providing free medical and eye check-ups and issuing free glasses.

The foundation has also funded a water purification plant for a girls’ high school.

Working with
partners to build stronger communities

new school building omatta lotus foundation
New school building work omatta lotus foundation
Temple renovation work omatta lotus foundation
temple renovation work omatta lotus foundation

We strive to support all areas of society from assisting school and children’s home projects to leading temple renovation schemes and providing financial relief for disabled Army servicemen. We know teamwork is the key and embrace partnership working with other organisations from charities to local government bodies.